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How Do Online Pathology Tests Work?

Have a feeling something is just not quite right? Request pathology tests via updoc.

With updoc, a Partner Practitioner will call you within minutes of receiving your consultation request. Together, you'll go through your symptoms, and if appropriate, you'll get a pathology request form sent straight to your phone.

From there, you can get tested at any pathology clinic at a time that works best for you.

You'll receive a phone call from your Partner Practitioner with the results, and organise a follow-up consultation if needed.

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What Are The Most Popular Pathology Tests?

Online STD Tests

Stay safe and get tested for STDs via updoc. It is recommended sexually active individuals get tested every 6-12 months.

Kidney Health

A Kidney Health test will help Practitioners understand how well your kidneys are functioning. You may be told to fast before your test.

Anaemia & Fatigue

Feeling a bit more tired than usual? Or you've been feeling prolonged spells of tiredness? Find out the cause with a fatigue pathology test.

Immune Function

These tests determine whether an individual has a primary immunodeficiency.

Pregnancy Pathology Tests

Depending on how far along you are and your circumstances, an early pregnancy, prenatal basic panel, or prenatal comprehensive pathology test can be ordered.


Don't see anything that aligns with you? Your Partner Practitioner will work with you on a customised pathology request.

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General medicine and mental health

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Request a consultation with a Partner Practitioner who can assess your needs, and if suitable, provide one of the following:

Online Medical Certificate

  • Consults reviewed within 60 minutes (on average)
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  • Signed by a Registered Australian Doctor
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  • New and repeat medication prescriptions
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Specialist Referral

  • Delivered to your phone via SMS and email
  • Issued by a Registered Australian Health Practitioner
  • Practitioners Online 6am - Midnight
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Radiology / Imaging Referral

  • Consult with a Partner Doctor who, if needed, can provide a radiology referral
  • If suitable, delivered to your phone via email
  • Signed by a registered Australian Doctor
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Blood / Pathology Test

  • Get your blood / pathology request delivered to your phone
  • Request from anywhere in Australia
  • Stay safe & get tested today
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Weight Loss

  • Consult your Partner Practitioner regarding weight management
  • Request from anywhere in Australia
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