Updoc Becomes Member of The Australian Patients Association

April 22, 2024

Dr Christopher Sim, Clinical Director
Reviewed by Dr. Christopher Sim
Written by updoc's Editorial Team
Updoc Becomes Member of The Australian Patients Association

With growing reach, updoc partners with the Australian Patients Association to ensure patient safety and high quality platform outcomes come first

After recently announcing that 95% of Australian postcodes have accessed service through the updoc platform, updoc has now confirmed they are a member of the Australian Patients Association.

This comes off the back of a successful start to 2024, with an increased focus on patient accessibility and ensuring patient voices are heard as telehealth offerings continue to grow across Australia

Patient wait times at an all time high

With what is being seen as the "worst GP shortage in the past 30 years", with wait times in some areas predicted to be up to 4 weeks - if not already longer - patients are waiting more than ever for even simple healthcare needs. In fact, a survey conducted alongside The Daily Aus last year, almost 9 out of 10 Australians said they struggled to get access to a doctor's appointment.

These wait times don't appear to be slowing down anytime soon - with Deloitte's recent General Practitioner Workforce report suggesting we'll be short more than 11,000 GPs by 2032.

Patient demands for telehealth growing

With a growing demand for telehealth, patient voices are more important than ever. The Australian Patients Association serves a critical role in ensuring patient interests are met amongst a flurry of other interests in the market.

While users continue to come to updoc for all of their telehealth needs, it will be important to consider their voices in public domains and policymaking. A partnership between updoc and APA ensures these voices will be heard.

After reading all of this, realised you need a consultation?

It’s easy to get an assessment from a Partner Practitioner who, if suitable, can provide you with a range of different health outcomes as required based on their expert assessments through updoc.

Being an Aussie owned & run company, updoc understands the importance of helping our fellow Aussies out in times of need. 

We also understand what it’s like to be in the queue at a doctor’s office just to get something simple sorted. Being able to speak with real Partner Practitioners online who, if suitable, can provide help with a range of different health needs, helps Australians get the rest they need when they need it so they can get back on their feet and back to contributing in no time.

If you need to speak with a Partner Practitioner who, if suitable, can provide help a range of different health needs it’s a simple process through updoc:

📱 Head here

📝 Fill in a short form — this asks for key details about your issue

👨⚕️ Consult with your own Partner Practitioner — they’ll take the medical information you provide and assess your needs before contacting you, usually within the hour

📥 If they find it to be suitable, your Partner Practitioner will issue you relevant documents or prescriptions — you’ll receive an SMS and an e-mail with your prescription, referral letter, or other document ready to download